Welcome to the Abbotts Ann Parish Magazine web site where you will find the following information:-

  • Information and rates charged for Advertising in the Parish Magazine
  • How to become a subscriber for the delivered paper copy of the magazine for £12 per year
  • How to become a subscriber for the current and back issues of on-line edition of the magazine for £6 per year

NOTE: If you subscribe to the “Delivered Paper Copy” of the parish magazine you do NOT have access to the on-line editions. Also subscribers to the “Delivered Paper Copy” only use this web site to subscribe,renew or change your subscription plan.

So, if you are new to reading the Parish Magazine, what can you expect to find in it…

  • Monthly update from St Mary’s Church
  • Articles of local interest and activities
  • Village events such as the annual fete, hog roast etc..
  • Update from our member of parliament
  • Update from the Village Shop and Post Office
  • Monthly update from the Women’s Institute
  • Contact details for village organisations
  • Much more..

If you wish to proceed and subscribe to the parish magazine you must first register for an account on this site HERE which gives you access to subscription and other pages. When registering choose a username other than your email address which is easy to remember. However, when you subsequently login to your account use your chosen username and NOT your email address as a username.

Once you have pressed the “Register” button you will be sent an email which when you click the link in the received email your new account will be activated which will also allow you to enter a password for logging into your account.
Once you have logged into your new account you will need to subscribe to one of the two options for the delivery method of your Parish Magazine and pay the yearly subscription fee which is done HERE