Subscription and Advertising

Price £1 from the Village Shop or Delivered Free in Abbotts Ann
on subscription of £12 per annum
Read on-line ONLY for a subscription of £6 per annum

Monthly or Annual advertising is available and leaflet drops can be arranged.

Advertising rates are as follows:-

  • Monthly advertising (black and white only)
  • Quarter page £15 per insertion
  • Half page £30 per insertion
  • Full page £60 per insertion

(For half page or full page advertisements for three months or more without any changes £25 and £55 per insertion)

Annual advertising — 12 issues in black and white running from June to the following May

  • Quarter page £55
  • Half Page £77
  • Full Page £120

For colour advertisements please contact Graham Platford.

Occasionally cover pages in colour become available – prices on request

For editorial and monthly advertisements apply to the Editor

Judeth Dashwood 01264-710640 or contact by email HERE

For annual advertising apply to Advertising Representative

Graham Platford 01264-711164 or contact by email HERE

For leaflet drops and subscriptions apply to Distribution Team Leader

Jill Tayler 01264-710201 or contact by email HERE